About Us


At CMA Electronics, or “Custom Made Alternative” Electronics we work together as a team to provide solutions to a combination of conditions that are difficult to satisfy simultaneously:

Low complexity

We specialize in manufacturing electronic modules consisting of 1-50 different components.

Exceptional quality requirement

Our quality-assurance system ensures that only faultless pieces reach our customers.

Price sensitivity

We have designed our development and production methodology to deliver an unmatched quality/price ratio even for small-scale orders.

At our company, we don't just sell products - we take a holistic approach to ensure that all the small details are taken care of, even those that our partners might find difficult to handle.

We offer self-developed product modules that can be adapted to fit the specific needs of our partners, and we ensure that they integrate seamlessly into their devices.

We handle both the development and manufacturing of electronic modules in-house, using an alternative approach that is customized to meet our partners' unique criteria.


Our Milestones

Working together for 18 years - Core team members joined in 2005


27 coworkers - Most of them work in production


1 million pieces of electronic RCBO with microcontroller


We started manufacturing the electronic modules of ETI Elektroelement in Slovenia. We developed automated equipment to test all the products we manufacture


We specialized in series production


We implemented our own SMT production capacity


The world's first electronic RCBO module with microcontroller Development of an RCD module with G and S characteristics


We expanded our SMT capacity to implant 25 million parts per year. We started production for another customer (SEZ Slovakia)


LED fuse link indicator, with a spectrum of 24–1600V AC/DC


New version of the RCBO module (super immunized)


RCBO module that can be inducted from two sides

We have been making personalized alternative solutions for 18 years